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September 01, 2011
How Google+ Can Impact Your Brand
By Navneet Kaushal
It is the era of social and Google+ is the latest entry in the arena. This attempt at social networking by Google seems to be working as in a month only the user base shot up to 25 million. So, it has potential and if you want to mark your presence on Google+, then you will have to keep certain branding tips in mind.

Why Do You Need Google+

Apart from the fact that the user base is spreading really fast, (Google+ is expected to overtake Twitter in 2012), the features of the social network are also very promotion friendly. Also, the user experience of Google+ is bound to help you work better in making a connection with your target audience. The fact remains that Google+ features have integrated the best of what social media are offering- it has improved privacy options-sleeker interface- and with its Sparks and Circles, it has given a new meaning to online relationships. More on Google+ here.

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